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We have undertaken engineering projects across a range of sectors including river dredging, road construction & electrical transmission lines as well as different equipment foundations for gas industries and power sectors. Our Engineering work includes:


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Engineering Works Services

Iconic Mark Trader Pvt. Ltd.,  offer a complete range of engineering services  all industries including Steel, Cement, Coal, Chemical, Rail, Foundries, Quarrying, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, and Waterways. Our fully integrated service provides a convenient one-stop-shop, saving our clients time, effort, and money.



Machining services refer to precision parts, tools, and components from raw materials such as metal, plastic, or composites. It involves the use of specialized machineries, such as lathes, milling machines, and computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, to shape, drill, cut, and finish materials, including prototyping, production runs, and custom fabrication is also an essential component.

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Our visually appealing and functional design services give a different experience. Include graphic design, web design, product design, interior design, and fashion design to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the final product, considering the target audience and market trends.



Our Fabrication & welding services involve building metal structures and components including cutting, bending, shaping, and joining metal pieces together by welding. These services are widely used across various industries


Mechanical, Electrical & Hydraulic

Our mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic services include a range of maintenance and repair works related to various systems and components used in buildings and industrial facilities. Mechanical services maintained & repair heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, plumbing, etc. Electrical services include lighting and power distribution. Hydraulic services focus on hydraulic systems, which use fluid power to perform various tasks, such as lifting heavy loads, etc. These services play a critical role in ensuring energy efficiency, and the safety of their occupants.


Painting & Finishing

Painting & Finishing encompass a wide range of activities aimed at improving the appearance and durability of various surfaces in a building. These services include interior and exterior painting, wallpapering, drywall finishing, staining, glazing, trim work, faux finishing, texturing, etc.

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Project Management

Project management is the process of executing a project from start to finish. It includes project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, risk management, and project communication with successful delivery on time and within budget.

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